Connecting the Nordic and African market for cooperation and fair trade
We connect Nordic and African market to share in an abundance of supply and demand opportunity between the two
What We Do
We enable the Nordic companies to fulfil staffing needs with candidates from Africa who are tech-savvy
We are always looking for entrepreneurs across the African continent and Nordic region.
Connecting Hubs
We act as a catalyst in creating successful and lasting connections between tech startups from Africa and the Nordic region.
About us
T.E.C. in Techub stands for Technology, Economy and Co-operation. These are key factors for our work to improve the TecHubs located in Africa and Nordic regions.
Global business platform
We set out to create a platform where we empower businesses from Nordic Region and Africa. With our global experience and deep understanding of the two regions, we are here to help you however small or big your organization might be.
Accurate business insights
We provide our clients with accurate business insights across all the sectors and leverage on our unique recruiting resources by pairing highly skilled, dedicated and tech savvy candidates to fill the available positions in your company.
Form right Strategies
We also analyze your business and relentlessly make the necessary improvements to make you competitive by putting the right strategies in place.
We have established ourselves as service-oriented in Business Development, TECHUBS and Women in Business. This means that we will be upfront with the implications of your ideas. We are not afraid to challenge you in these areas.
Founded in 2019, our company has presence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland making it the largest link for trade and sustainable business for the African continent and Nordic region.
Henrik Maehle
Henrik Maehle
Kim Ingwersen
Kim Ingwersen
Tinashe Zvakasikwa
Tinashe Zvakasikwa
Elizabeth Okwach
Elizabeth Okwach
To Help Businesses Reach Their Potential By Connection Them To The Global Market
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