Bridging the Gap Between You and the Global Market
Tinashe Zvakasikwa
September 23, 2020

The novel increase of tech hubs across Africa shows how technology clusters create mutually strengthening snowballs as initial preconditions for success. The number of the continent’s known tech hubs has grown from 314 in 2016 to 442 in 2018 and 618 as of mid-2019. This suggests that multi-stakeholder ecosystems work better than individual initiatives organized and managed by individuals or governments alone.

We at TecHub, therefore, believe that hubs represent a lot of potential in terms of creating synergies and facilitating growth across the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Companies are drawn to cities like Lagos because of the large pool of available tech talent and tech ecosystems that is growing faster than anywhere else on the continent.

TecHub offers exposure, networking, and a platform for opportunities to early-stage ventures as well as fully operating companies that seek to get connected, funded and empowered. We do this by creating a platform to collaborate, achieve commercial sustainability, share knowledge, and partner with key stakeholders to build the tech and innovation ecosystems necessary to blitz the global market.

TecHub works to bridge the gap enabling strong partnerships that support the growth of commercially sustainable technology services and products.

“TecHub works to bridge the gap enabling strong partnerships”

Also, we realize that just like the start-ups they support, Tech Hubs also need a conducive platform to thrive. Africa has a reputation for tech innovation which is displayed by its unique applications and technology solutions for its many problems. Profound innovations in software, hardware, cloud services, internet, eCommerce, infrastructure, robotics, artificial intelligence, information security, data platforms, games, smart cities, and many more related facets.

TecHub is a technology business accelerator where the start-ups and techpreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. We have also developed a Technology Recruiting process for attracting, locating, managing, and finally hiring the perfect candidate for a technology company.

We believe that talented computer programmers, for instance, are a diamond in the rough but with resources, and at the right company, an individual can truly excel. IT professionals can now find the best suitable job opportunities through TecHub’s online job portal.

Our mission is to facilitate collaborations that can strengthen technology hubs in Africa by creating a platform for tech professionals and businesses to thrive.TecHub’s innovation-related research, digestible data, and programme implementation offer hubs practical and ready to use skills and capacity resources.

Also, tech members get access to webinars, access to other members across Africa for partnerships, and access to the market for hubs and start-ups, opportunities for your community, links to TecHub media affiliate network partners and opportunities to get featured in TecHub Affiliate magazines. From start-up Founders to potential partners and anyone who want to gain a better understanding of the TecHub community, we are here to help.