Daniela Cellini, an American Italian with a Bespoke Agency Continue to Define the Hospitality Industry in Kenya
Elizabeth Okwach
February 22, 2021

Daniela Cellini is a leading hospitality consultant based in Kenya, and founder of Outside the Lines company that deals with hospitality consultancy, marketing, project and events management. In a career spanning 30 years, both in Kenya and Miami, Daniela brings with her a multifaceted experience in the hospitality industry with a demonstrated track record of exceptional delivery.

The postgraduate degree holder in Hospitality Management started her career in food and beverage operations and management, which led to the design, construction and setting up of operations of all outlets for a casino conglomerate in Kenya. Her latest project being Mawimbi Seafood restaurant in the heart of Nairobi.

Today, Daniela Cellini who is an American Italian has made a mark in the hospitality industry which is lauded as the top three revenue earners in the Kenyan economy sector. Her bubbly personality, hard work and dedication brings life to the most ambitious and challenging projects. Subsequently, her small and bespoke agency born out of her desire to create a truly client focused with a creative twist is a multilingual agency that can engage clients in English, Kiswahili, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

In addition, her company offers practical, professional advice and support whilst maintaining the creative edge required to remain competitive in the dynamics of hospitality industry. Whether starting from scratch at the design and planning stages or adding value to an existing business, Outside the Lines is hands on to ensure a client’s vision, performance goals and budget are realized.

With constant evolution of the hospitality industry, Outside the Lines guides its clients to maximize their money and time. Moreover, it addresses and enhance client’s priorities while reducing project risks.

Outside the Lines offers their expertise in new constructions, renovations and rebranding of restaurants establishments. Additionally, they have hands on managing end to end aspect of a project from sourcing architectural and engineering professionals notwithstanding contractors and vendors.

 When it comes to managing construction and procurement, Outside the Lines, utilizes its knowledge and experience to synchronize the practicality in operations with the design. They also set up an outline for operations and are present during their implementation, oversee personnel selection and formation; and initiate marketing efforts including social media, online presence, partnerships and launch events.

And throughout the entire process, Outside the Lines works closely with the client. The company value and encourage owner engagement, and constant communication. For your information, there are numerous tasks to complete before a restaurant or hotel is opened.

It can be overwhelming, to say the least. Securing and designing the space, vetting contractors, and managing the construction process represent just a few of the time-consuming and critical responsibilities a project team must tackle. That is why Outside the Lines is here for you.

Concept development and operations management may be among restaurant owners’ core competencies, but few have the expertise managing the design and construction tasks that come with opening a new location.

OUTSIDE THE LINES are the expert service you are looking for to guide and keep your project on track from the design phase through opening. With the integrated offering, wealth of experience, attention to detail and passion for what they do, makes them to stand out in Kenya. If so wish to engage Outside the Lines, please contact Techub through info@techub.no

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