David Macharia, Tells An African Story Through Photography
Elizabeth Okwach
November 14, 2020

David Mwangi Macharia is the founder of Versatile Photographers- a Kenyan- based photography agency bringing together a unique team of creatives in photography and film sector. With a spanning career of over 19 years, David has defined the photography and film industry with inspiring imageries that evokes the core message.

Versatile’s journey goes way back in 2000 when David immediately after finishing High School got a job with a photo studio. He developed an interest in photography and embarked on online learning to sharpen his skills due to lack of a photography school in Kenya at that juncture. His passion for photography grew and pushed him to work harder. In 2007, he founded Versatile Photographers.

Today, Versatile Photographers is one sought after agency in Kenya for commercials, portraiture, wildlife, fashion, documentaries, architectural and interior projects notwithstanding 360 degrees’ virtual tours.

The agency boast of a team of integrated production and creative specialists covering ideation, shoot and post production for creative projects whether its people, products, property, services or events whilst helping clients achieve engaging professional and artistic imageries. In addition, they have invested in modern technology such as editing softwares, high pixel cameras to broadcast quality sound, video and images.

So far, the photographers’ agency has worked with high profile commercial clients across multiple industries and markets including Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Agencies notwithstanding Artists, Designers, Architects, Property management companies, Humanitarian and wildlife organizations in Kenya and East Africa at large. Versatile photographers produce photos with high resolution and high quality videos for website use, print magazines, newspapers, brochures, press releases, billboards, banners, fliers and social media platforms.

Being versatile with a pool of experienced creatives including stylists and make-up artists, gives them an upper hand in managing shoots from studio set up to finding interesting locations, props and styling for lifestyle situations.

With a creative hub for all suppliers in creative economy, stock images where creatives showcase, tell stories and sell their creativity about Africa , an etiquette initiative focused on different factors of progress in the creative industry, a photography school with thousands of photographers under its network and Adventures where conservation initiative aimed at creating awareness on the fast depletion of African culture, wildlife and the tourism sector, Versatile Photographers transforms lives through art and creates content that reshapes the ideology of Africa to the world. If so wish to engage Versatile Photography, please contact TecHub.