Eddah Mwanyumba and Victoria Kariithi, Co-founders of Mwanyumba Kariithi Consulting Limited also Trading as Mwanyumba Kariithi & Co.Advocates
Elizabeth Okwach
November 20, 2020

Eddah Mwanyumba and her co-founder Victoria Kariithi are two dynamic lawyers who are providing transformative legal service solutions to Startups, Fintechs, Alternative Finance, Commercial Transactions in Emerging Markets among other areas, in challenging regulatory and operation environment in Kenya.

They say that great minds think alike, and in the case of these two women lawyers, this is certainly a meeting of the minds. They have an objective, to not only broaden the legal service base provided by the existing legal firms in Kenya, but also believe in sharing legal knowledge and in having honest and up-front communication notwithstanding the great pride in building enduring professional relationships with their clients

The women led legal firm, Mwanyumba Kariithi Consulting was founded in 2013, understands what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to start a business on a sound legal foundation, to avoid future hiccups that may cost the business high levels of productivity and profits.

Mwanyumba Kariithi Consulting, offer starts-ups the legal services, business acumen and advise they require at the beginning of the business to ensure that the business moves forward as they build lasting and enduring relationships.

The legal firm has embraced technology and is changing people’s mindset that legal services belong to all regardless of one’s status in the society. And urges the Startup founders the need to start the conversation with lawyers right at the beginning and continue this conversation so that they are free to build the business and not deal with legal matters that they may not even know that they are dealing with at the beginning of running a business.

Mwanyumba Kariithi Consulting is one reliable, professional and business growth oriented legal firm to watch out for in Kenya and Africa at large. If so wish to engage them for their services, feel free to contact TecHub.