Footballmaster: Your Personal Football Coach
Elizabeth Okwach
April 11, 2021

Hans Børge P. Lien, is a leading business developer and educator from Norway, and founder of Footballmaster, the only training device that guarantees kids a better pass and first touch after only a few hours of training.

Today, his company which he founded in 2013 is one of Hans biggest passions in life, because he loves football. His career began at a young age and he was a top Norwegian football player before transitioning into football coaching for the adults. 

Footballmaster’s journey began when Hans was the football coach for his son’s team. Hans noticed how difficult it was for the kids to master the basic skills such as a good pass and receiving, notwithstanding controlling the ball in general. 

With a lot of time being wasted on picking up the ball that went all over the place, kids improved slowly. Hans spent a lot of time training basic skills, and little on playing football. For kids who did not master the basic skills, often ended up quitting football which was heartbreaking for Hans.

Although Hans had identified the problem many football coaches face today in the world, he could not grasp how to resolve the issue. Hans tried using chairs and cones, but still, a lot of time went on training the basic skills.

Luckily, an idea of using bent pipes popped up in his head. Hans was excited, but his excitement did not last for long. The idea did not work out. With zeal, Hans tried another idea of using a ball track and a wall in the middle. It took many years to get the model to work because of the massive pressure a ball represents, but now the perfect Footballmaster is ready for the world. 

Footballmaster, the new modern and innovative training device is 1000% more effective than the old way. The device improves the pass and first touch and passing rapidly. It gives instant feedback allowing the kids to memorize their perfect pass and later improve it. The instant feedback and the high number of touches are two key elements in the success. 

The Footballmaster

The sensor on each entry gives the footballer feedback on misses, hits, and speed. One can train alone, with a friend or with one’s team. The beauty of this device is that: it’s perfect for fun competitions, easily measures improvements, and allows the player to move all the time.

With90% of all passes in football being made on the ground, passing and the first touch is the main focus of Footballmaster. Players need to control the ball and hit perfect passes to master the game and reach the next level. Footballmaster is almost like having your own personal football coach.

Hans’ inspiration was drawn from wanting to help kids master football faster. Many kids around the world are quitting football as a result of not mastering the basic skills faster. Secondly, Hans believes that many great talents do not play football long enough to show their talent. With Footballmaster, kids will be able to master, love, and play football longer. 

In addition, kids love playing matches on training. Footballmaster can give a lot more time to games instead of training passes the old slow fashioned way.

The device can be used to train kids from five to sixteen years, although it is perfect for all ages and levels. For the youngest footballers, the device has a net wall that is adjustable with 1010mm width, 917 heights. The total weight is 16 kilograms and it is easy to set up. The larger version has also adjustable net wall.

So far, 1000 units have been sold with top clubs in Norway. The device has also received numerous endorsements from many players, coaches, football academies like AC Milan, and associations like The Norwegian Football Association from across the world. The Footballmaster is shipped all over the world.

Although all the drills of Footballmaster are yet to be invented, it is a perfect teaching tool and should be part of any training regimen. Additionally, Footballmaster is a much better alternative to sitting in front of a screen. So to be good, it`s smart to practice with the best, right:-) 

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