Harriet Kariuki Co-Founder of Afrijob Network
Elizabeth Okwach
November 26, 2020

Episode #4 Harriet Kariuki – Foundality Africa PodcastHarriet Kariuki is co-founder of Afrijob Network (Afrijob), an on-demand professional development and recruitment platform that provides relevant content and training to build top tier global teams for fast-growing African companies.

The Harvard and Peking university graduate story began when she faced difficulties in finding roles that best suited her interest and skills. Harriet also realized that the growth of African companies is hindered by the widening skills gap in the ecosystem, where organizations lack the human capital critical to ensure that they scale into global enterprises.

This resulted in establishing Afrijob in 2019, to bridge the gap between globally competitive talent and fast-growing African companies as well as upskilling professionals through the Afrijob workshops.

Today, Afrijob, with its seamless end-to-end solutions has managed to amass a community of over 5,000 top professionals and are working to match with job opportunities to more than 100 partner companies in nearly a dozen African countries including Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia enabling them to focus on their core business and saving them both time and cost.

Afrijob endeavors to bring the top talent from all over the world to team up with fast growing companies in Africa through short-term, remote, and full-time placements. Besides connecting professions, Afrijob has created 100+ hours of online and offline content to equip entrepreneurs and professionals with relevant resources to build high performing teams critical to ensure African companies are globally competitive.

Afrijob’s focus on matching fast-growing African companies with top local, regional, and global talent, in addition to their content production, entrepreneurship, and professional development, gives them an upper hand compared to their competitors. Leveraging emerging technologies, Afrijob seeks to scale its services and build a community of over 500,000 certified professionals by 2023. They are also ready to work with partners’ keen on re-imagining recruitment in emerging markets.  If so wish to engage with Afrijob, please contact TecHub.