Hafsa Ali, Globofuse Co-founder, on a Mission to Create Jobs for African Youths with Coding Skills
Elizabeth Okwach
January 5, 2021

Hafsa Ali is co-founder of Globofuse – a Kenyan based tech startup on a quest to create jobs for African youth with coding skills and connecting them to international software projects. For Hafsa, it all started in 2018 when her passion and desire to assist African talent in fulfilling their full potential resulted to establishing GloboFuse.

Her entrepreneurial instinct enabled Hafsa to embark on this initiative that seek to fill the gap between unemployed youth and the demand for their skills and talent from across the world. The platform offers marketplace where the IT needs globally are met and fulfilled by African youth who are skilled and ready to work but lack the convenience and the means to access these opportunities

Today, the women-led startup creates a sustainable ecosystem that bridge the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world. Consequently, it encourages the graduates to pursue and embrace opportunities, explore new ideas, take intellectual risks, and begin the process of becoming world-class developers of tomorrow.

As the demand for digital skills continue to grow exponentially in the world today, Globofuse is rapidly evolving and it is at the forefront of capitalizing on the youthful population to boost the economic growth across the African continent whilst providing a strong and sustainable job creation to match the demographic boom.

The women-led startup is on a mission to be the leading provider of outsourced tech talent from Africa that will meet the Global demand for professional and experienced tech professionals.

In addition, the startup envisions three segments on its platform. From having the best Developers and tech savvy talents across the African continent to innovation page that will showcase ongoing and existing projects of Developers and lastly, global market place where already registered tech hardwares, ready to use softwares and hardwares will be showcased notwithstanding open projects for investments

Globofuse continue to create a compelling value proposition for both clients and talent. Consequently, its building a strong brand recognition whilst leveraging on technology investments to create and enable measurability, personalization, and integration with partners through tracking portals.

The startup has a competitive edge due to the pool of talented tech savvy developers at their disposal

One of the assurance of GloboFuse is the deployment of top talent to develop new software, handle different projects along with providing embedded tech professionals to handle in-house tech needs. If so wish to engage GloboFuse, please contact TecHub; info@techub.no