InovTech STEM Center: A Startup Equipping Under-served Communities with Technology in Ghana
Elizabeth Okwach
May 26, 2021

Based in Accra Ghana, InovTech STEM Center is a social enterprise that thrives to empower and train the youth especially girls in under-served communities with 21st Century industry relevant and sought after skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, abbreviated as ‘STEM’ through Robotics Education.

Robotics incorporates all aspects of STEM learning which include science that is physics; technology encompassing coding; engineering covering design, mechanical and electrical. Lastly, mathematics which cover geometry, data and algorithms. All these aspects emphasize critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity among the learners.

InovTech STEM Center journey began way back when Jonathan Kennedy Sowah, who is the founder had enough of negative perception on science, technology, engineering and mathematics while in Senior High School back in 2015. Jonathan could not comprehend why information communication technology was termed as a co-curricular activity.

The self-made Computer Scientist, STEM Education Specialist, Speaker and Robotics Engineer with eight years’ experience noted the gap owing to the eighty percent of students with zero understanding on most of the basic concepts of computing then.

He formed a club where he went on a campaign trail in each class emphasizing the importance of STEM subjects, and repercussions if students didn’t partake them. The passion for the STEM subjects resulted to Jonathan and the rest of club members to self-teach themselves, simultaneously training their juniors for national and international competitions. His passion and zeal saw him launch the project countrywide.

Today, InovTech STEM Center collaborates with various institutions ranging from private, public, non-governmental organizations to individuals with similar goals and objectives to make STEM education relevant in Africa.

The company, simultaneously, visualizes an Africa where every student has an equal opportunity to be influenced by the enthusiasm of interactive and practical STEM learning, and understanding the feeling of creating something with technology.

So far, InovTech STEM Center uses the 21st Century innovative and diverse tools to train and empower educators, mentors and students enabling them to create robust solutions to solve the problems of today and the future. And emphasizing to people of diverse backgrounds, and ages that creative problem solving is fun, and they should see its relevance in shaping a better future for Africa.

InovTech STEM Center offers services ranging from robotics education, software development, Artificial Intelligence to machine learning. It targets students from age four to twenty, educators, mentors and STEM based corporate social responsible organizations. Besides, it believes that innovation and technology are important in today’s advancement of the society, as it solves social problems while enhancing its capacity to act.

The experience, passion, dedication, frequent innovations, transparency, customized pricing and volunteerism sets apart InovTech STEM Center which delivers fun and engaging robotics workshops to students in schools, churches, community centers at the same time supporting teachers’ professional development.

The responsibility of resolving collective problems in a sustainable and efficient way, with new technology is the core business of InovTech STEM Center. Its new technologies, products and services simultaneously meet a social need and lead to improved capabilities and better use of assets and resources. Partner or engage InovTech STEM Center by contacting Techub through for the new innovations and technology products.

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