Meet Mutai Chebet, Wazawazi Lifestyle Founder, Telling an African Story
Elizabeth Okwach
October 23, 2020

Mutai Chebet, an economist then working in the development space wanted to be at the fore front of solving African issues by mobilizing untapped African youth energies into productive creative energies. And in 2012, she founded Wazawazi.

Wazawazi is known primarily as an Afrocentric luxury leather goods brand that designs, manufactures and distributes leather goods in Nairobi and globally via its website The company works with talented local artisans to transform beautiful leather from Kenyan cows into stunning pieces of fashion, art and culture. And for the last 8 years, they have been packaging the essence of Africa for a progressive, conscious and discerning global client who cares just as much as we do about how their bag is made, who made it and what effect it has on the environment.

Wazawazi tells the African story through design, innovation and trade. And as it accelerates an exciting brand that allows customers to design their lives, Wazawazi leather, which is its flagship product, has become a globally shipped product that is ultimate self-expression and a trusted gatekeeper of what it means to be a modern day African. Besides, the company has empowered every single person who works there in becoming the talented artisan the world needs.

To further expand its vision, Wazawazi Lifestyle which incorporates important elements of client’s life; fashion; apparel, leather goods and handmade accessories has been introduced. In addition to travel; cultural, safari, business and Skincare; natural wholesome wellness inside all the way out.

Wazawazi lifestyle packages a personal and intrinsic layer of value for the increasingly discerning consumer, who at Wazawazi, was already sensitive about their WHY to begin with.

The future has never been so exciting. Wazawazi invites you to join them in curating modern day Africa for the world. Feel free to contact TecHub if it should be of interest to partner with the company.