Mettā, a Kenyan Startup, is at the Centre of Innovations
Elizabeth Okwach
March 17, 2021

Kenyan startup Mettā has been at the centre of innovation since its inception in 2015. Based in Nairobi, Mettā is an ‘entrepreneurs’ club’ comprising a global community of startups, investors, senior executives of businesses and corporates.

Today, it connects people, ideas and resources. In addition, it supports the community through introduction, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Its members shape the narrative of African innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors.

Mettā believes that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. And true to its conviction, it has strived to bring people together by providing a platform for the community to connect, collaborate and create sustainable impact. In essence, Mettā empowers the community throughout with personalized support and cutting-edge content.

So far, it has nurtured a zealous community of 500+ startups in the East African region in addition to hosting numerous political figures from African countries, diverse international and influential figures.

Mettā focuses on bringing the communities’ visions to life through a range of programmes from accelerators, innovation challenges, to thought leadership workshops. The programmes are designed to create collaborative environments that enable innovation, mentorship, knowledge sharing, and ultimately commercial-scale validation.

It curates events that provide learning opportunities to the immediate community and beyond. Mettā also holds masterclasses and signature events like the What’s Good and What’s Next series conversations with exemplary individuals in various industries, and the Women in series panel discussions with outstanding women at the top of their fields to inform and inspire other women and men.

Monthly panel discussions with industry leaders and experts who share their predictions on what the future holds in their respective sectors play a key role in the subsequent events that are designed revolving around the discussions on the best practices in different thematic areas. Owing to Covid -19 pandemic, Mettā is currently executing its events through webinars.

Mettā boasts of its diverse community within the entrepreneurial ecosystem which is continuously evolving in a bid to create a sustainable environment for entrepreneurs.  As a result, it has brought together people from different backgrounds who care deeply about innovation to work together and better the ecosystem through initiatives such as community events and Mettā Membership.

Mettā facilities can be rented out to hold private or public functions, and rooms for private meetings. Their physical space is their collaboration hub, built on the idea of open knowledge sharing and deep connection building. It also serves as their physical platform where individuals can come together, interact and share ideas.

Mettā primarily targets startups and entrepreneurs, but also other players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem like large corporations, investors, and policymakers to create a sustainable environment for entrepreneurs. Moreover, it works hand in hand with its clients to deliver services to their expectations. From offering consultation services to ensuring that their clients achieve the best outcomes.  Some of its high-profile clients, who also serve as its partners, include Amref Health Africa, Merck Group, The British Council, and World Wide Fund –WWF.

Mettā believes that stronger and more sustainable future generations can be built through the creation of the right connections and collaborations to solve today’s most critical challenges. The startup helps entrepreneurs grow their ideas through meaningful connections to like-minded innovators and investors that help their businesses soar to greater heights.

Mettā is unique in the sense that it supports the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through a multi-faceted approach: Meet, Learn and Build. Their services ensure that different players within the ecosystem connect, learn, innovate and grow together. Mettā’s community has the knowledge, people, and other tangible assets to grow businesses. If you wish to engage Mettā, please contact Techub through