Pamela Muriuki, GiftPesa Founder, Revolutionize the Gifting Industry in Kenya
Elizabeth Okwach
January 9, 2021

Pamela Muriuki is the founder of Giftpesa – a Kenyan based fintech gift management platform that provides freedom of choice to people and corporate in gifting process like buying, redeeming or bulk disbursements of evouchers to multiple recipients.

As financial services sector is at the forefront of technological innovation and widely recognised as the most extensive in information technology user among the service sector, Pamela, who is a techprenuers and Economics graduate has not been left behind.

Through her day- to- day work, Pamela has enabled Giftpesa to revolutionize how gift vouchers are purchased and redeemed by bringing the much-needed transparency and efficiency that has been lacking in the gifting industry in Kenya and Africa as whole.

With expertise in retail business development, emerging technologies, financial services and inclusive growth, Pamela has proven herself to be an asset to Giftpesa notwithstanding five years’ work experience in the sector.

After identified the gap in the sector, Pamela decided to take the bull by the horns by bringing sanity in the sector. Initially, the process of buying and redeeming gift vouchers was very manual across all the retail sector. And for the businesses managing and tracking manual gift vouchers, was a hectic process. In addition, paper vouchers were prone to theft and expiry especially to the end users.

The daily hiccups encountered by both businesses and individuals resulted in the establishment of Giftpesa in 2018 with an aim of being the most trusted universal gifting platform in Africa

Today, Giftpesa has enabled people and businesses to buy, redeem and share evouchers using mobile phone: businesses can now disburse bulk evouchers to multiple recipients at a go! And consumers can redeem evouchers to over 1500 redemption centers.

In addition, the platform has enhanced how businesses can save up to 50% on distribution cost. Besides their evouchers being universal and without expiry date, consumers in Kenya are able to redeem partially to over 1500 redemption centres across major supermarkets in the country.

The women-led startup targets Government agencies, ministries, Non-governmental organization and individual people as their clients.  Giftpesa has exciting features which include, the ability to refund un-redeemed evouchers back to the business and secondly, when one disburse bulk evouchers, he or she receive a PDF summary with recipient details and status. This ensures accountability and traceability which can be filed for future reference or audit trail. If so wish to engage Giftpesa, please contact TecHub;