Secvate Solutions, a Kenyan-based Tech-Startup for Software Solutions
Elizabeth Okwach
December 29, 2020

Terry Macharia is a co- founder of Secvate Solutions a Kenyan –based tech start-up that offer customised software solutions, cyber security consultancy and data analytics services to Small Medium Enterprises in the Medical, Real Estate and Micro Finance Industries in Africa.

Terry knew all along that she wanted to become a techprenuer. Initially she worked with another tech-start-up that was offering customised software solutions. Unfortunately, the tech start-up closed-down. This gave Terry an opportunity to understand what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Guided by Steve jobs quote that says, “if you keep your eye on the profit, you’re going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow,” and her entrepreneurship dream that she had in mind despite the first failure, Terry co-founded Secvate Solutions in 2018.

Today, Secvate Solutions derived from ‘Secure Innovation’ promote the use of information technology in day-to-day business processes in a bid to improve efficiency, maximize on profits, and overall improvement of customers’ experience and satisfaction in the product or services they are seeking in an innovative and secure way.

Additionally, Secvate Solutions’ end results normally revolve around the creation of a solution suited to the customers’ specific needs. This tend to give the customer fingertip access to the business in question and help provide business intelligence in a bid to aid the decision making process.

Terry is very passionate about using technology to positively transform businesses in Kenya and Africa at large. Through her day to-day work as a techprenuers, Terry has been able to demystify a myth that information technology professionals only offer solutions and when it comes to support, they are never available. In addition, she runs an ethical business whilst being the change she seeks in her society. If so wish to engage the startup, please contact TecHub;