South Africa’s Jozi Hub, a Catalyst for Social Change and Innovation
Tinashe Zvakasikwa
December 22, 2020

JoziHub was launched to provide tech start-ups with a world-class support network, mentorship, and training to build and grow their businesses. Jozi hub is focused on helping and supporting entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the technological landscape in Johannesburg. The Jozi hub ecosystem connects technologists, entrepreneurs, and designers to bring about social change and innovation.

Besides providing access to subject matter experts and relevant market validation, the hub boasts of about 400 events hosted since its inception. In doing this, the hub partners with tech giants such as Venture Solutions, The Indigo Trust, Silicon Cape Initiatives, AfriLabs, and Google for Entrepreneurs. Over time the centre has become a home for tech start-ups and a community of like-minded individuals plus the excitement, connections and energy that comes with it. Over 50 Tech start-ups are proud residents of the hub including boom, Figtory, Yosal technologies, Ikwook, CatalyticIT, Value Forest, Solid Red Media, and Conte Creatives among many others. 

JoziHub is more than a co-working space; it is an entrepreneurial ecosystem providing a community network, workshops, workspace, event space, mentorship, and further benefits to its members. It is a platform equipped with resources and tools necessary to turn ideas into reality and inspire the growth and commercialization of start-up businesses. The hub is equipped with smart business incubation spaces and technology platforms suitable for the many events that it hosts throughout the year. 

The hub has also successfully hosted boot camps run by Google, Microsoft and Blackberry; the highly successful Culture Shift (an event hosted by the UK’s CultureTECH festival, the British Council and Tech4Africa) as well as the Discovery Health Hack Day and the Google Developer Group Wits Hack-a-thon. Other JoziHub events include several TEDx Johannesburg Sages and Prodigies speaker training sessions, and a Women in Tech event in collaboration with Google for Entrepreneurs. The city’s robust collaborative networks and talent pools stem from its rapidly growing ecosystem of start-ups and venture capitalists.