TecHub – Connecting African Innovation And Technological Hubs To The Nordic Region
Zonk News
July 23, 2020

Techub is introducing a new experience that enables and gives high-value business insight and connections with investors. TecHub offers various business solutions such as Business Development services, Investor/ Investment Relations and Tech Startup links to over 600 tech hubs in Africa with South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt taking the first tier.

Africa has renowned brands like Google Developers Group, Facebook Developer Circles, Forloop Africa, and Andela Learning Community providing boot camps to Developers, Software Engineers, and IT experts. This presents an exciting proposition to many investors and companies in the Nordic region looking into investing, partnering, or sourcing for the best Techubs and talents.

Due to its robust technology story, Africa is an essential market to invest in.

Techub works with technology hubs ranging from incubators, accelerators, university-based innovation hubs, maker spaces, technology parks, and co-working spaces.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer Henrik Maehle said “Our focus being Africa, we have seen these technological hubs building businesses that are delivering goods and services that were previously unavailable on the African continent. Furthermore, they have provided thousands of job opportunities to developers, software engineers and IT experts.”

TecHub also identifies software engineers, developers, incubators, accelerators with unique and excellent skills within the African continent to support Nordic companies and address the shortage of tech talent.

Partnering with TecHub means that you receive unrivaled tech startup services like Business Development, Investor/ Investment relations, or recruitment of skilled graduates in STEM.

Should you want to invest, partner, or recruit the best talent or tech startups, TecHub is here for you. Please feel free to call TecHub on +4790 544 677 or email us at