TecHub Empowering Women-led Businesses in Africa
Zonk News
July 30, 2020

Women-led businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa have grown exponentially as ambitious women continue to unleash their potential going against all the odds to set up solo or partnership businesses.

These businesses range from beauty and skincare products, fashion, IT hubs, agri-business, e-commerce, and payment platforms, among others making them great contributors to their economies.

However, tremendous evidence shows that women-led businesses face impediments in accessing international markets in order to generate customers and foster partnerships.

Techub AS, a Norway-based company with a presence in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, is working to bridge the gap between female-led Businesses from Africa and the Nordic region.

The company has established a platform that brings ambitious women-led businesses from all sectors across the African continent to share insights, connect and showcase their products and services to the Nordics interested in doing business with Africa.

TecHub is a platform that fosters investor or investment relationships, partnerships and business development between African women-led businesses and Nordics in person without going through intermediaries.

Network with like-minded women-led businesses today on the TecHub platform and get value for your money. For a business that you are interested in, please call +4790 544 677 or email us at