Vink Electronic Business Card,The Future of Networking
Elizabeth Okwach
October 29, 2020

Rota Media a Norway based media agency with a focus on production of content for social media breathes mobile technology. Rota Media merges communication with technology. Co-founded by Marius Lundh Haakestad, and Petar Nisevic, Rota Media realized the need for e-business cards after its network grew. Consequently, the co-founders could not stand the bulk of paper business cards in their drawers.

The co-founders began looking for a solution to enhance the idea of business cards. However, they did not find a solution that worked in their favour. They finally figured, why not develop electronic business cards. And that is how Vink electronic business cards were discovered.

Vink electronic business card is a personal digital business card for professionals and teams to enhance their networking. It also offers a prospecting experience whilst providing professionals with a dynamic way to: interact, share interesting content and build stronger professional and personal relationships.

The electronic business card is a genuine need for thousands of iOS and android users. The all-encompassing digital business card solves a lot of issues professionals encounter when connecting with prospective leads.
The user interface for the e-card has been completely designed, and provides more ways to share a digital business card through short messaging text, email, QR code, and social media Platforms.

By tapping the card or scanning the QR code with a phone, the user is taken to a menu where the contact information is available to store in contacts. The contact manager automatically saves the contact details of people who receive your card. One can call or text contacts from the app, add new contacts, edit existing contacts, export contacts to the phone’s address book, add notes and view history.
In addition, Vink e-card has quick links to social media channels, web pages and catalogs. And every button is based on the one click principle. The user chooses their own setup as what they wish to show their recipients.

Vink electronic business card help companies to digitize their business cards and get rid of all the clutter in the drawers. With numerous e-cards in the market, Vink has its own unique features and advantages. First, it helps to save money by not having to print new business cards for new staffers who join the company. Secondly, it is a green product that help companies to cut down on paper usage and also, enables others go totally green.

Rota Media believes that Vink e-card is the future of networking and are looking into becoming the leaders in electronic business cards. If so wish to engage with Rota Media, please contact TecHub.